Hot as Hell 5: Risky Business – Page 20 (Final)

And that’s a wrap, everyone!

Don’t be sad to see Atsuko and Kai go – they’ll be back eventually, we promise!

With the release of the final page, we’ve simultaneously released it on (Click for the link!) for pay-what-you-want in PDF form with additional intro and outro pages, so grab that if you wanted to be able to keep it and browse it easily! <3

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Upcoming Projects!


As Hot as Hell 5: Risky Business draws to its finish, we’ve already got a good chunk of the storyboards planned for two more comics that we’ll be working on simultaneously.

Hot as Hell 6: Subtitle Pending will see Rae and her human boy-toy return as the central characters for more big-girl-shrinking-boy action that we’ll release in the same fashion as Hot as Hell comics 1 through 4.

Hot as Hell 2.5 will be released for free with early access for patrons, and will be focused on the the Neema/Yuki blowjob that was hinted at in Hot as Hell 2: Dirty Deals. …And one tiny Irishman in a rather unfortunate spot.

You won’t need to have read Dirty Deals, but if you haven’t, and want to, the cheapest way for you to get it is likely through Itch, or the Archive tier here on Patreon if you’re looking to snag the rest of our back catalog too.

On top of this, the ‘Hot Space Goat’ image that won this month’s vote will be completed in the coming weeks, and we’ll soon be having another vote on what to complete from Sheela’s gigantic (trust me, it’s huge) WIP vault.

Goodbye March, Hello April!