Current & Upcoming Projects

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update and clarification on Cyanide and I’s workload at present.

Currently, we’re working on two comics at once. One is Hot as Hell 6, which features the return of Rae and her favorite plaything. The other is Hot as Hell 2.5, which we’re releasing on a per-page basis for free while we work on the 6th comic. Hot as Hell 2.5 features Neema and Yuki doing the things we hinted at in the background of Hot as Hell 2 but was never shown.

Been getting a lot of requests for Atsuko recently, so I figured I’d lay out what we’re working on and why! At present, we’re working to strike a nice balance of free content versus pay content. We’re hoping that in time the patreon will grow enough so we can just give away everything for free! But since we had to work on another comic to put up for sale and we had people showing interest in Neema and Yuki, we thought it would be a great idea to work on something with a less strict upload schedule so you’re still getting something for free while we work on the pay project.

That being said, don’t worry! We have EVERY intention of continuing on with Atsuko’s story and the Neema & Yuki story will likely extend into production of then next Atsuko one (that means double the free content! Whoo!) so you have plenty to look forward to. We hope you enjoy our work in the meantime!

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