Hot as Hell 3: Motherly Manhandling Available Now!

Hecka pleased to inform you guys that the third installment of the Hot as Hell series is now available for purchase! It’s got BBWs, it’s got lactation, it’s got some moms growing dicks and momdomming the heck out of people in it. Also slow shrinking and smothery clothes stuffing goodness. If any of that stuff is your sort of thing, check it out!

We’re also gonna try to get some more free content out, working on a comic all the time is simultaneously fulfilling and stressful. So making some stuff for Patreon first and then posting it for free a week or two later is looking like it’ll be in the cards soon. I miss giving away free content and you guys deserve to see more. :3

Anyway, you can buy the comic at!

Bonus Illustration from Puppet Show

An illustration I did for Puppet Show, a short story featured on Cyanide and I’s patreon. It didn’t really have a place in the story as there were already several, so I decided to just to toss it up for free!

If you’re interested in short fetish stories, comics, teasers and the like you should check it out!

Hot as Hell 2: Dirty Deals Available now!

Super pleased to tell you all that the new comic is available for purchase (and has been for a bit now but I didn’t get around to uploading to my website and tumblr till now because of backlog and having to upload elsewhere too while working).

It’s chock FULL of vore with a really diverse cast. If you want to know more about it, you can see details at one of the following purchase pages! | Giantesslove