Hot as Hell: Reduced by Rae now available!

Super happy to tell you all that Cyanide and I’s comic has been released! You can find info about it at either of the links below, and if you grab it we hope you enjoy it! :3

Here, have a summary:

Sheela returns with a brand new comic, co-created alongside an all-new writer! Enjoy a story from the Hot as Hell club – a place where all manner of paranormal beings from beyond gather to hang out in our world, and of course, amuse themselves at our expense. Learn a little of what a giantess fetishist can expect to undergo at the hands (and feet) of Rae, a magical Succubus with an eye for spotting new playthings. Get shrunken, get sat on, get squeezed between toes. Praise them, adore them, and then, be a dear and be a good snack, won’t you?