Bonus Illustration from Puppet Show

An illustration I did for Puppet Show, a short story featured on Cyanide and I’s patreon. It didn’t really have a place in the story as there were already several, so I decided to just to toss it up for free!

If you’re interested in short fetish stories, comics, teasers and the like you should check it out!

Hot as Hell 2: Dirty Deals Available now!

Super pleased to tell you all that the new comic is available for purchase (and has been for a bit now but I didn’t get around to uploading to my website and tumblr till now because of backlog and having to upload elsewhere too while working).

It’s chock FULL of vore with a really diverse cast. If you want to know more about it, you can see details at one of the following purchase pages! | Giantesslove